Thursday, 2 August 2012

Love Sayings+Jiwang Termuntah=) !

✿ I'll stay here.
I'll wait for you,
just like I said I would..
No matter how long
I stayed,
You stayed.
But I'll always wait.
And I will hope,
That One day,
We'll be together,
I'll be waiting for you..

✿I may not always contact U,
But our distances make me miss U !
I may not always stay in touch,
But I care for U much !
I may not always say Hello,
But I hope never to say Goodbye !
I may not prove to be your perfect one,
But I hope we always together,
Never reaches an end !
✿ I miss U
When Something Really Good Happen
Bcoz U r the one to share it with..
I miss U
When something is troubling,
Bcoz U r the one who understand me so well
I miss U
When I laugh n cry bcoz I know dat U r
the one dat make my laughter grow and my tears disappear..
I Miss U
all the time but I MISS U the most
when I wake up late at night
n think of all the beautiful moments we
spent with each other...
Thanxz coz U fill my life with HAPPINESS !

*Jiwang sungguh ! LOL =,=! ..
(tp aku suke ! hihihi..)

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